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Shed Hunting Opportunities in Nevada

Posted by on Feb 16, 2017

Shed Hunting Opportunities in Nevada

Shed antler hunting is a great hobby that gets families out into Nevada’s vast expanses during late winter and early spring, but those who wish to hunt sheds have a duty to do it responsibly and legally, in order to minimize stress on winter-weakened wildlife and avoid impacts on animal’s habitat.

This week we sit down with Chief Game Warden Tyler Turnipseed and Aaron Keller, outdoor educator, to talk all about shed hunting.

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Podcast: Shed Hunting Opportunities in Nevada


  1. I’d love to hunt sheds like to know we’re I can go

    Thank you for your time

  2. Sure wish you would close shed Horn hunting until April 1. Our deer and elk are stressed during this time especially during more difficult winters. You are out of your mind if you don’t think these animals are not being harassed by some of these shed horn hunters. Utah got it right this year….They closed the season because it was the right thing to do !!!! Spend some time in the field and you’ll see how easy it is to find those who do not respect our precious Deer and Elk Herds. 4 Wheeler and Motorcycle tracks EVERYWHERE…….

  3. Isn’t shed hunting in NV closed / illegal from Jan.1 to April 15 ? And was approved by the NV DOW Commissioners back in March 2014. Is this an old podcast ? I’m confused.

  4. If NDOW is so concerned about stressing the animals right after winter, why do they so aggressively fly the helicopters in and out of drainages when they are counting the animals in the spring? My husband and I have witnessed this on more than one occasion, they fly right above a drainage, pushing the animals out, then run them up a cliff and then run them back off of the cliffs. Seems a little too aggressive to us for counting winter stressed animals.

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