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Restoring Comins Lake to Former Glory

Posted by on Jun 10, 2016

Restoring Comins Lake to Former Glory

Last fall we brought to you the story of Comins and Basset Lakes, both near Ely in White Pine County.

These once vital fisheries were nearly destroyed by northern pike and NDOW was undergoing an effort to remove those pike and restore the trout fishery.

In this episode of Nevada Wild Edwin and Teresa have the opportunity to follow up with NDOW fisheries biologist Heath Korell to see what NDOW has done to remove pike, restore trout and start to return these once great waters to their former glory.

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Podcast: Restoring Comins Lake


  1. Great to hear. I’ve fished both before and after the pike invasion . How can we stop IDIOTS from planting other fish in OUR WATERS ? AL

  2. The day after Memorial Day 2016 I stopped by Comins Lake and talked with two wading fisherman that have lived in Ely all their life. They had six beautiful 18 to 20 inch Rainbow trout on a stringer. One said he had never seen fishing so good at Comins. While talking with them, one hooked up on a 22 inch Rainbow. The lake looked beautiful and the fish healthy.

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