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Nevada Reserve Game Warden Program

Posted by on Jan 13, 2017

Nevada Reserve Game Warden Program

Nevada has 31 field game wardens that are tasked with patrolling often massive tracts of wildlife habitat and boating areas.

With so few people covering such large areas, the Division of Law Enforcement is always on the lookout to expand their capabilities or find creative ways to better protect wildlife resources.

To grow the reach of game wardens, NDOW has created a Reserve Game Warden program.

This week we sit down with Reserve Game Warden Lieutenant Jim Kocijanski and Game Warden Captain Brian Eller who oversees the program.


  1. I would like to help out,what is the way to get my foot in the door. Thank you Rick Haugh,oh I’m sorry I don’t have the credentials.

    • Rick, NDOW has many great volunteer opportunities. Even if you don’t have the L/E credentials, I know we can find many ways for you to get involved. Check out our volunteer page at

  2. I am very interested in your Reserve Program. Where can I get more information. I am retired Military MP, and more.

    Thank you

    • You can call Capt. Brian Eller at 775-688-1544. We look forward to talking to you!

  3. Why don’t you just make everyone a reservist, but offering anyone turning in a poacher a free tag for the unit in which they report a poacher that is prosecuted, that way everyone is always on the look out and makes everyones life easier.

    • We are always on the lookout for information and have a hotline set up. We even pay rewards for information in some cases. If you ever encounter a poaching while you are out hunting, call Operation Game Thief at 800-992-3030.

  4. Well done, great information & a program much needed in this day with budget shortfalls across the nation. Being retired LEO, full time Game Wardens need a Reserve program filling the program with retired reserves & retired full time LEOs is very smart & creative way to go, cutting cost in all aspects. Again “Well Done” look forward to hearing about how the program has progressed in the future. Retired LEO

  5. Any suggestions about the problems incurred at urban ponds where fishing is permitted and waterfowl are getting entangled in line and hooks? We also face public endangerment when unattended fishing poles are planted into the ground and the line stretches across the walking path by the lake’s edge. It is suspected that a good number of these anglers do not have permits, which may be why some are uninformed of their obligation to fish responsibly without posing harm to others.
    This has been on going problem.

  6. Can active law enforcement officers participate in the Reserve Warden Program?

  7. I am interested I your program i am a older guy been I and involved I wild life alk my life Thsnk you. I currently teach hunter ed

  8. Outstanding idea, I am a avid sportsman and always felt that we needed more Game Wardens, keeping the full timers in the field is a huge bonus to this program, to much illegal hunting in our state of Nevada, “Good Program”.

  9. I was a civilian inspector for 11 years with the Nevada Highway patrol. And have been an avid outdoors man all of my of life. I would like to help all that that I can!!!!

  10. Good program, using retired law enforcement for the program is a good way to cut cost and save dollars when needed.

  11. Great program, definitely a way to increase manpower, education & enforcement without overspending the budget.

  12. This seems like it can be a great program for our state. I can only imagine just a little finding can go a long way to helping this program.

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