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A Conversation with Director Wasley – Part 1: License Simplification

Posted by on Sep 8, 2017

A Conversation with Director Wasley – Part 1: License Simplification

Technology has touched every aspect of commerce and the interactions between people, government, and business. The wildlife, boating and outdoor recreation agencies are no different. This year, NDOW has embarked on an ambitious program to simplify its license offerings to improve customer experience.

This week, Edwin sits down for the first of two discussions with NDOW Director Tony Wasley on the future of the agency.

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  1. Hey you two,
    Good show !!
    I worked at the Computer Facility for the State back in 1985. One of my first duties was to work on election night and also the Wildlife Tag Draw. It was so interesting that only a few individuals were required to witness the process of the election ballot counting. But when it came to the Tag Draw, we had to have the sheriff’s office on hand and all hands on deck, in order to have a peaceful and orderly process. There were so many interested parties.
    It appears that Wildlife brings out the best and worst in human society…
    Thank you as always,

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