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Celebrating Bats in Nevada

Posted by on Oct 23, 2015

Celebrating Bats in Nevada

In an effort to help bring awareness to all the good bats do, the Nevada Department of Wildlife is once again taking part in Bat Week from October 25 through 31.

By their very nature, bats are mysterious; they are active at night, hard to see and are often very quiet. But bats are so important in Nevada’s ecosystem it’s time to debunk many of the myths about them.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife, through our Nevada Wild stories series, takes you inside the secret lives of bats during Bat Week to find out more about the second largest group of mammals around.

Bats in Nevada Photo Gallery

Bats in Nevada Podcast

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  1. In the podcast re: bats, they metioned the McCarren Bridge as a great locatetion for bats. That was true before they replaced it, do they still roost there?

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