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Audubon Day and Every Day – NDOW Continues the Legacy of Educating People about Wild Birds

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016


The Nevada Department of Wildlife recognizes April 26 as a day to honor the birth of John James Audubon who engaged in extensive studies of American birds and created detailed illustrations of the birds in their natural habitats. NDOW promotes the legacy of John James Audubon by encouraging citizens and visitors to enjoy viewing the birds of Nevada.

NDOW is responsible for managing the nearly 900 species regularly occurring in Nevada of which 456 are bird species.

One example of our work with birds is the annual statewide golden eagle nest surveys. Department staff and volunteers survey and document thousands of active and potential golden eagle nest sites. This data is a crucial component of effective land use planning.


We assist the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service with radio tracking golden eagle nestlings and adults to collect new data on eagle territory size, foraging areas, and seasonal movement patterns.
Through our Wildlife Action Plan we have identified a strategic vision for all bird conservation in Nevada by addressing issues like research needs, habitat conditions, conservation challenges, and species distribution.

It’s our mission to manage wildlife, including wild birds, for the aesthetic, scientific, educational, recreational, and economic benefit to citizens and visitors of the Silver State.
To celebrate Audubon Day we encourage Nevadan’s to enjoy the birds of the state by observing birds or learning more about them.

Listen to the following Nevada Wild podcasts for info on birds and bird watching:

For more information on Nevada’s birds visit the Nevada Department of Wildlife website at and look for:

Photo Gallery: National Audubon Day 2016 – Nevada’s Featured Birds

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