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A Chat with NDOW Director Tony Wasley

Posted by on Apr 20, 2017

A Chat with NDOW Director Tony Wasley

We are just past the halfway point in the current legislative session where many issues related to wildlife are always on the table.

Outdoor resources are more important to people than ever before and are sometimes controversial.

With this in mind, this week, Edwin sits down with Tony Wasley, Director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife to discuss the most current issues and trends on wildlife and resource issues.


  1. Sure wish the Dept. would post the planting schedule as in years past. (And keep the posting updated as well). Thanks if you do!
    Steve Matsumura

  2. Thank you Ed and Tony.
    I am so pleased that a man like Tony Wasley is sitting in the NDOW’s captain’s chair. I have had the pleasure to listen and speak with him on a variety of outdoor subjects. Several significant items were on the 4/20 podcast.
    I enjoy being an NDOW volunteer for Fisheries (15+ years) and have spent a fair amount of time at Legislature this year. There have been some VERY disheartening moments. You have made me feel that all is perhaps not lost. I seriously think that more folks just need to take some time and come out with a volunteer (maybe me) and borrow a rod and see what a reel, really feels like.

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